Lets kickstart the 2019 KSMXC season

Welcome to all our members - new and old

First let’s list all of your important contact details

Your 2019 Committee

Chairlady, Treasurer & Booking In Officer: Lorna Edwards: 07505 185331 (4pm –

Vice Chairman & Clerk of Course: Terry Edwards 07748 222253

Membership Secretary: Chris Short 07504 925107 (6-9pm) or

Secretary: Steve Wilkinson: 07812 071319 (6-9pm)

Points Administrator: Stuart Macey

For race entries

Booking In

Prices- regrettably we have had to increase our entry fees this year due to our track hire costs are going through the roof and a general cost increase in other areas

2019 Prices

Adults £50 Non members £55

Schoolboys £45 Non Members £50

Big/Small Wheels £40 Non Members £45

Junior`s £35 Non Members £40

Auto`s £25 Non Members £30

Day Licences £15

Transponder`s £10

Booking in opens on 25th Feb @ 8pm for Round 1  

                                                     KSMXC 2019 Race Dates

Date Club Venue

10/03/2019 Kensworth Mildenhall  IP28 8QL (Rnd 1)

(Practice Sat)

23/24/03/2019 MXGP Weekend Matterley Basin

31/03/2019 Kensworth Weedon NN7 4SD (Rnd 2)

20/21/04/2019 Kensworth Fatcats DN3 3EJ (Rnd 3 and 4)

19/05/2019 Kensworth Milton Malsor NN4 0JF (Rnd 5)

09/06/2019 Kensworth Chatteris PE16 6TA (Rnd 6)

(Practice Sat)

23/06/2019 Kensworth Cusses Gorse SP4 6JW (Rnd 7)

13/14/07/2019 Kensworth Chippenham CB8 7QJ (Rnds 8 and 9)

04/08/2019 Kensworth Brake Hill NN14 3NB (Rnd 10)

11/08/2019 Kensworth/ Fun weekend Chippenham CB8 7QJ

Mid Sussex

15/09/2019 Kensworth Mildenhall  IP28 8QL (Rnd 11)

(Practice Sat)

06/10/2019 Kensworth Wroxton OX15 6HH (Rnd 12)

Riders must compete in a minimum 9 rounds to be included in championship

Your 9 best scores will be used if more than 9 rounds are completed


Marshals/Workers 2019

As most of you know at the end of last season we experimented with a new system for marshals.

Where the rider puts £5 into the marshal pot at every round (£10 for two day meetings) or provides a marshal or worker for 1/2 a day.

Marshals/Workers are paid £25 half day or £50 full day

It was agreed at the AGM we would carry on with is system for 2019





If anybody is found to be smoking or taking any illegal substances at our meetings you will be asked to leave straight away & have a life time ban

If you are a parent or guardian of a rider the same applies to you,

This is a schoolboy club and we will NOT tolerate it


Compass Cup 2018

The club owes a massive thanks to all the people who organised the KSMXC Compass Cup squad.  The Kensworth Krew really made their presence known in the paddock and also made some (a lot!) of noise at Kensworth Korner.

The KSMXC riders rode their hearts out for the club all weekend, even when it chucked it down with rain, and they were an absolute credit to our club. Both riders and crew looked super in their KSMXC hoodies and race shirts.

This brilliant “feel good” event will return in 2019 and we will take back what is rightly ours!!

Just a few pointers to help ease you into 2019.

After a frustrating 2018 KSMXC season (race cancellations, track issues, etc) we move on into 2019 and hope we fair better this year.

Firstly the KSMXC committee would like to extend our huge thanks and appreciation for all the people who have helped make our club what it is.

Race day officials – you all know who you are! – the start gate team, Chief marshall(s), scrutineers, lap scorers, race timing, peg bag, transponder check and general start/pit area help. Without you guys we could not run and we really appreciate your assistance – Thank you.

Medics – Big up to Pulseline who look after us when we don’t get it quite right during racing. Last season they were called upon to attend some scary incidents and they delivered every time. They provide us with a fantastic professional service, above and beyond the call of duty, and inspire response confidence when we sometimes “over commit” ourselves on our bikes.  

Marshalls – The life blood of our circuit safety and another vital part of our race day set up. KSMXC extend our huge thanks to all those who have stood in the rain, wind or the sunshine, or all three! waving the flags to keep our riders safe.

Flags – If a yellow flag is shown take care there is an obstruction somewhere in front of you – no overtaking!!

If the yellow flag is being waved there is a major issue or obstruction in front of you – slow down and be prepared to stop! – No overtaking!!

If a red flag is shown then the race is over or has been stopped – STOP to where you have seen the RED flag, watch for instructions from officials to make your way slowly back to the finish line/track exit

Any rider seen disregarding our safety flags will incur a penalty

Riders (and parents) – Thanks for all your continued support and belief in what we do.

Everyone – Support your club, help where you can and make our club one of the best,

Club Membership

Please note that your club membership can be renewed through - Members will get first go at renewing their membership – it is then open to non-members at the end of January 2019 – First come – First served!

ACU licence

This can be renewed on Be sure to have your unique code to hand which is given to you when you join the club.

KSMXC Top Tips to help your/our race day go smoothly!

Race Numbers – Riders - you know the rules! Please make scrutineering and lap scoring a much happier place by ensuring you have the correct and legible numbers on your race mount. Please do not present your machine to our wonderful scrutineers without numbers present.

Also keep your front/side plates clean during the day – it really helps the lap scorers

Helmets – Ensure your helmets are presented with the correct sticker on them that ensures they are eligible for an ACU sanctioned event. An ACU gold sticker will do the job nicely.

Supplementary regs

What are these I hear you say! These regulations are published by the club for each meeting and contain all the local rules that the club needs in addition to the ACU MX regulations for our events.  We will endeavour to place them onto the goracemx website so as they can be viewed. Please take time to browse through them as you do sign up to abide by them!

Start Line – The start line rules are exactly the same as last season – please read them and abide by them – it makes our day sooo much easier. The start line is part of the track (Oh yes it is!) and the only persons present on the line should be competitors and signed on officials – this is for safety reasons and insurance purposes. The start line crew are there to ensure the start area is safe – please listen to their reasonable instruction and comply –try not to argue the point – it only makes things worse and holds up the racing.

  • No –one is permitted in front of the start gate (Except Auto helpers). No “gardening”

  • Kids – Do not stand in an empty start gate to “reserve” it – you will be told to vacate the gate.

  • Pick a peg and wait your turn – this makes it fair for everyone

Assistants may come and set start devices of course but should do so quickly and then vacate the start line immediately.

We will cut people some slack if it is raining or very hot so the riders have some shelter/drinks but the line MUST be cleared immediately when instruction is given to do so.

Transponders – Please ensure your transponders are both fully charged and are valid (working). A quick charge in the van on the way to the meeting will not suffice. Charge them up the day before you leave. If your transponder does not function you may not be scored in that race.

Pit Etiquette 1– Please ensure you clear ALL your rubbish and litter up at the end of the day and if you have a dog then you must clear up after it when it has done a No 2.

Pit Etiquette 2 – Strictly, absolutely, never, nil, don’t even think about it, NO riding in the pit area – push your bike with a dead engine.  We have persons of all ages running around and we would hate to see someone get clipped by a bike. For safety reasons this will be rigidly enforced.

Pit Etiquette 3 – Our meetings are full of young impressionable persons (that does not include the committee!). Please behave in a manner that will not offend our young competitors.

Meeting Etiquette – Please make every effort be pleasant to our race day officials – their day is difficult enough anyway with up to 200 riders to look after and always remember they are volunteering their valuable time freely so as you can race your bike. Thank them - as without them we would have no racing.

See you all at Mildenhall for Round 1 on March 10th 2019

Circuit is open for Practice on Saturday

Take care and be good

Steve Wilkinson

Club Secretary